Color Analysis

Shopping Route

Morphological Analysis

Shopping is The prime discovery method for The wardrobe's necessary elements. Through this process advisements can be made and The journey can be completed and a vision fulfilled.

It is only through an analysis of the wardrobe that proper available and lacking garments can be identified. Once completed, looks will be available to suit any situation that arises, whether social or professional, casual or formal.


Jorge Deosa

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Each person has a unique skin tone. Through an image consultant Colors are found that perfectly complement each skin type and bring out a person's Natural Beauty.



Image consultant & fashion styling

The external Image is the quickest way of communicating with others a primary avenue of impact. More and more, people and their companies are aware of the importance of image to achieving success. Like all worthwhile endeavors, some time and resources must go into improving appearance. Through image counsulting, these resources are more efficiently and effectively directed towards achieving personal and professional goals.

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A study of the proportions and forms of the human body.