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Jorge Deosa

Beginning as all things do as a vague though, an interest in fashion grew until that thought materialized into a study of illustration and fashion design. With every line drawn the human figure always took precedent. Study evolved into work in retail. Zara in Colombia from 2010 to 2013, selling not just good dress but more a style of life. Positive contributions were made for other's self-esteem and happiness and so appreciation and smiles came back naturally as great rewards. More formal study came in 2013 in Medellín, where knowlege and skills were honed Colegiatura colombana as an image consultant and personal styling. Now, based out of Miami since 2014, work continues strategically with professionals in the medium of fashion and fullfilment continues to grow.

"when it comes to creating an environment, your knowledge of fashion provides a unique and personal style to each photograph".


Ricardo Sierra​ 

Image consultant & fashion styling

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